New ROTO-MIX FP2 EzSpred Spreader
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New ROTO-MIX FP2 EzSpred Spreader

New FP2 EzSpred Spreader Information

Available in Truck, Trailer, or Semi-Trailer Models

The Fp2 EzSpred Spreader’s Modular Shell Design Offers Versatility In Attachment Selection And Is Designed For Commercial Operators Running 6 To 7 Days A Week With Minimal Downtime.

This new manure spreader has a modular shell design that offers versatility in attachment selection and is designed for commercial operators requiring minimum downtime.

It has a capacity of 580, 640, or 697 cu. ft. During operation, material is moved by two sets of heavy-duty 88C floor chain. This spreader is equipped with horizontal beaters generating 225 hydraulic horsepower that give a consistent and even application of nutrients to the field. The beaters are designed to not be overloaded, utilizing automatic overload prevention. Easy to use in-cab control panel connects to well protected, yet accessible, hydraulic control box.


Control Box
Ease of use cab control panel.
Oil Reservoir
Oil Reservoir with use of micron filtration as well as fine micron filtration for the breather on the reservoir eliminates foreign debris from entering the system.
Horizontal Beaters
Horizontal Beaters- are designed so that they cannot be overloaded by automatically signaling the floor to stop. When the beaters return to normal operations, the floor is restarted by the system. The 1/2" beater teeth are standard and replaceable.
Hydraulic Control Box
Hydraulic Control Box - From the control panel in the cab to the control box, the components that make up the brain of an Fp2 EzSpred are protected from the dirt and acids that can cause a system to fail. All electronic controls are transferred via water proof magnetic plug.
  • Babbitt Bearings withstand the harsh environment of dirt and acid. The two-piece design allows for easy replacement if needed.
  • Positive Idlers reduce chain wear and damage.
  • Floor Chain - two sets of heavy duty 88C floor chain.
  • Ez-Adjust Floor Take-Ups adjust the floor chains to the perfect tension every time.
  • Removable Headboard.
  • Fender Skirting is built into the bed.
  • Horizontal Beaters are designed so that they cannot be overloaded.
  • Vertical Beaters also utilize automatic overload prevention and are a power house generating 225 Hyd. HP.

Download brochure for more information, and give your BVS salesman a call to see if this new spreader is right for you!